otifIf you’re preparing BASICS or if you are working in industry, I think you already have heard this acronym. OTIF is the abbreviation for On Time In Full (also known as DIFOT: Delivered In Full, On Time).

OTIF is a supply chain KPI (Key Performance Indicator) measuring if:

  1. The expected product has been delivered.
  2. The ordered quantity has been delivered.
  3. The quality is conform to the required level.
  4. The product has been delivered at the place asked by the customer and on time.

To resume by an exemple,

an order place for Mothers day is « OTIF », when :

  • You have placed this order on a famous  e-trader website with an express delivery.
  • After 2 days of wait, your parcel has been delivered on time, without any damage.
  • Your mother has received on time the famous pink mirror ordered 2 days ago (a bit late) on internet.

So that is an  « OTIF » order.

But how to calculate it ? That’s quite simple. You only have to divided the number of OTIF order by the the total of order on the period. After that, you multiply the result by 100 and that’s all !